AGUA DE ROSAS is a handcrafted jewelry brand created in 2011 by designer Eliana Palomo, a passionate Mexican woman who finds inspiration in art, fashion, and cultures from Mexico and around the globe. Her creations exhibit an understated style and romance which celebrates the delicate elegance present in nature and in every single woman.

A fusion of art, culture, and nature is reflected in each unique and timeless piece of jewelry, which is the result of the creative process executed by Eliana Palomo and her Mexican design team, who has a superb ability to transform and breathe life into each piece.

The designer expresses her love of nature through the use of organic textures. The combination of noble metals such as gold and silver and natural stones creates a perfect harmony which is characterized by the attention to detail, authenticity, and unique story-telling ability of her designs.

Her collections have been published in major fashion magazines such as Vogue U.K., Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, among others.