”Long life to jewels”

All the jewelry pieces of AGUA DE ROSAS are created under the following principles:

 Slow Jewelry. The term “Slow Jewelry” defines us as a brand. We always seek to create timeless quality pieces that have a long, useful life, and that, thanks to their versatility, adapt to the style of the wearer.

 Rethink, Recycle, Redesign. Our creation and production processes include unconventional methods, focused on transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. We always seek to get the best out of all our materials, including by melting pieces that were part of old collections, and reusing natural stones that were fragmented during production processes, to integrate them into new pieces. Letting ourselves be carried away by our imagination, allows us to find the potential of simple objects to integrate them into our pieces.

 Honest production. Working with artisans is part of the DNA of AGUA DE ROSAS. We believe that it is our duty to compensate them fairly for the value they bring to each of the pieces of jewelry by using traditional techniques.

 Health-friendly jewelry. We only use excellent quality materials such as gold, silver and gold-filled (gold alloy on a metal base that is considered hypoallergenic). For our gold-plated parts, we always make sure they are nickel free, as exposure to that metal has been shown to cause cancer.